As a trained international human rights lawyer, my heart is to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. 

Since 1998, I have been working with and advocating for the most vulnerable in our society: those with mental illness, those with a disability, for Aboriginal communities, for the trafficked, enslaved and for the persecuted. As a lawyer, I worked for the Attorney-General writing legislation and policy, with refugees with the UN’s International Organisation for Migration, and as an international human rights advocate, lobbyist and legal human rights educator across Austral-Asia.

I am currently working as a lecturer in law and business while completing my PhD at Notre Dame University.

Elect me to be your voice in Parliament!  


I stand for the minimal interference of Government into our lives!

I stand for truth, justice and our inalienable international human rights and freedoms of speech, association, belief, conscience and political communication!

I stand against harmful ideologies including Communism!

Here is a recording of the interview I gave on Sky News on Rowan Dean’s Outsiders program on the 31st of January 2021 where I announced my intention to run as an Independent. 


Here is a Press Conference I gave outside Parliament House to all the major news outlets on the 31st of January 20121 where I answered questions after a brief presentation. 

In April 2020, in the midst of global COVID lock-down, I researched, and read, and researched, and read. I wrote an Opinion Piece for Cauldron Pool in which I asked: 

Are our Fears Undermining our Freedoms? 

I asked many questions in my article, making reference to my background as a refugee child from Communist Romania.

 It is for asking these questions that the Liberal Party dis-endorsed me on the 27th January 2021, after six months of campaigning for the Liberals. 

Please read the article here to draw your own conclusions. 

I continue to fight for, and stand up for freedom of speech!! 

I stand for minimal interference of Government into our lives, for our rights and freedoms and against harmful ideologies, including Communism! 

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