Dis-endorsed for the Freedom of Speech!

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The Liberal Party dis-endorsed me on the 27th of January 2021 after I had run a successful campaign for almost six months in Baldivis for exercising my right to the freedom of speech – more specifically, for the tough questions I asked during the very beginning of our global COVID lock-down in April 2020. Article here. 

I have done nothing wrong – asking difficult questions was my only crime! 

I am not a quitter – I have survived Ceausescu – I will survive Kirkup! 

I do not give up easily,  and I have dedicated my whole life advocating for others … I will not be slowing down now! 

On principle, given I have done nothing wrong, that the Liberal Party exercised no due process, gave no consideration to my right to freedom of speech, and in fact to defamed my name personally and professionally publicly, I feel I had no other option but to finish my race with perseverance! 

I have decided to run as an Independent Candidate for the seat of Baldivis in the 2021 WA State Election. 

I am excited to be standing for TRUTH, fighting for JUSTICE and advocating for FREEDOM for my local community here in Baldivis!! 

I will not stop, and I will not relent! 

Nothing can get me down! 

Please, join me! 

Stand with me and walk along side me on the road to VICTORY! 

Volunteer, or Donate! 

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