I want to see my community thriving economically, socially and holistically. I want us to live in a healthy, clean, safe environment with loads of local recreational, education and job opportunities! 
This means: 
  • build a Men’s Shed; 
  • build a War Memorial in Baldivis; 
  • build a well-functioning, holistic Youth Centre; 
  • support for  Totally and Partially Disabled Veterans; 
  • stop over-development of residential properties/areas in Baldivis; 
  • encourage infrastructure development for businesses; 
  • encourage local business hubs; 
  • keep local jobs for locals; integrative employment options for those with disabilities; 
  • support for local community and faith groups; 
  • Lions, Rotary and others community groups to access meeting rooms free of charge; 
  • to see a cop-shop in Baldivis!  
I am here to advocate for you and your families! 
As your local representative, I stand for : 
  • Minimal interference of Government into our personal lives! 
  • For community participation in democracy; 
  • The protection of Australia’s sovereignty;
  • The best interest of Western Australia; 
  • Upholding our Constitutional rights to political communication; 
  • For the inalienable international human rights of the freedoms of conscience, belief, religion and association; 
  • For the freedom of free speech; 
  • The protection of the rule of law;
  • Access to justice for all;
  •  Against corruption; 
  • For the clean up of our broken systems; 
  • For respect and support of law and order; 
  • For reliable, efficient, low cost energy solutions; 
  • The best interest of the child; 
  • Balanced education curriculums; 
  • Support to our health workers; 
  • The prioritisation of the essential services; 
  • Support for the vulnerable; 
  • A fair go for all! 
Minimal interference of Government in our personal lives! 
  • local infrastructure development; 
  • local industries and businesses, including coal and mining; oppose the McGowan Govt. plan to develop an Outer Harbour at Kwinana; 
  • oppose the closure of the Freemantle Port; 
  • oppose the closure of the Kwinana refineries without sustainable alternatives; 
  • the rebuild of the coastal shipping industry in WA; 
  • oppose the Liberals plans to shut down the coal industry by 2025; 
  • lower taxes for small and family businesses; 
  • the best interest of the child; 
  • prioritisation of 50/50 shared care upon separation; 
  • review of the Family Law Act and Family Court systems; 
  • sensible support measures for single parents; 
  • care and support for Military families; 
  • holistic support for retirees, including rebates on household bills; 
  • well-informed choice for vaccines; 
  • reduce the burden of the cost of living on families; 
  • well-rounded education for school children, including on spirituality; 
  •  more access to psychologists, counsellors and chaplains support and programs in schools; 
  • robust education opportunities in trade and support for apprenticeships; 
  • support for diverse higher education options for adults; 
  • unrestricted government funding for education; 
  • support for medical professionals, their professional development, safety and generous remuneration packages; 
  • holistic support for those with disabilities and impairments; 
  • support for those with mental illness; 
  • sustainable responses to homelessness; 


  • respect and support; 
  • generous remuneration and compensation packages
  • a police station in Baldivis! 

We need to preserve our Constitutional right to political communication;

to protect our inalienable international rights to the exercise of our conscience, belief, religion and association, and we need to fight for our right to freedom of speech! 

Help us make a difference!

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