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Standing Tall for Baldivis, speaking up for TRUTH, fighting for  JUSTICE and advocating for FREEDOM!


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My story

My Personal Story

As a human rights advocate, I have dedicated my life to speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves, to speak for TRUAL STH, fight for JUSTICE and advocate for FREEDOM!

As a refugee from Communist Romania, I stand against the Marxist socialist ideologies and agendas of the left. 

I have been advocating for the most vulnerable in our society, including those with mental illnesses, those with disabilities, for aboriginal communities, the enslaved, trafficked and exploited across Austral-Asia for the last 20 years. 

I will not stop! 

My experience includes working as a youth pastor, a chaplain and counsellor in schools with young people for ten years. 

I bring with me empathy, compassion, honesty, integrity, passion, knowledge and experience. 

As a lawyer, I have worked in the Attorney – General’s Department writing legislation, working with refugees in detention centres across Australia and on Christmas Island, and as a human rights advocate lobbyist speaking into State and Federal Parliaments on human rights matters pertaining to vulnerable minorities with Fighting for Justice Foundation in the Austral-Asia region since 2009.  

I have known hardship, poverty, trauma and injustice. 

I know how to advocate and fight for you! 

What I Stand For ….

As an Independent, I stand for our Constitutional rights to the freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of belief, freedom of association, and freedom of conscience. 

As a local girl, I care about the shrinking land sizes, the lack of infrastructure development and the lack of political vision and leadership in our community. 

I stand for low tax rates for businesses, and for the interests of Western Australia as the highest priority, and the best interest of Australia’s sovereignty. 

I will stand to support families, the respect of law and order, for lower energy prices, for reliable, inexpensive energy sources, I will fight for strong law enforcement options, and for the fair and balanced education of our children. 

The best interest of the child should always come first. 

As an independent, I will stand tall for Baldivis! to fight for vulnerable women and children, and to fight for decent, hard working men who deserve to see their children! 

As an independent, I will stand against corruption and I will fight to clean up our broken systems, including the family court system, I will fight for transparency and true democracy, and to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves!

Elect me as your independent representative, so that I can keep both sides of Government accountable, to stand for TRUTH, to fight for JUSTICE and to advocate for FREEDOM! 

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